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SDXC UHS-II V90 300R Memory Card (256GB)

SDXC UHS-II V90 300R Memory Card (256GB)

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  • TURN YOUR PASSION INTO PROFIT – CALLING ALL VLOGGERS, INFLUENCERS, FILMMAKERS, PHOTOGRAPHERS & VIDEOGRAPHERS: Become an instant pro by adding our professional line of SD cards to your kit. Focus on curating the finest content for your clients/audience while our SDXC Cards do the backend heavy lifting of storing and uploading your work efficiently every time.
  • LIGHTING FAST 250MB/s WRITE SPEED – INSTANTLY SAVE high resolution recordings to your device, ALL WHILE maintaining super sharp focus. STOP waiting around for your images/recordings to upload, with our Read Speed of 300 MB/s even your most robust work can be uploaded in seconds!
  • COUNTERFEITS ARE CRUMBLED: CUSTOM LASER-ETCHEDSERIAL NUMBERS keep cheap counterfeiters at bay because our SD Cards are so difficult to mimic. Forged in our premium Prograde Lab, we meticulously inspect each SDXC Memory Card before it ships out and laser etch a custom code on each one
  • ADVANCED RECOVERY PRO SOFTWARE: NEVER WORRY AGAIN ABOUT losing photos or videos from being “corrupted”. At Prograde Digital, we’ve engineered the most advanced all-inclusive video and photo restoration software out there. Although not included in this package, you can find it on our site and know right away if your files can be restored before you even purchase the program!
  • WHY INVEST THOUSANDS ON CAMERA EQUIPMENT, BUT CHEAP OUT ON SD CARDS? IT’S SO FRUSTRATING to spend money on very capable camera equipment, only to have your device not live up to it’s potential due to faulty memory storage. Invest in Prograde and watch it PAY OFF. - 3 YEAR WARRANTY

Product Description

Capacity 128GB 256GB 512GB 128GB 256GB 512GB
Read Speed 300MB/s 300MB/s 300MB/s 250MB/s 250MB/s 250MB/s
Write Speed 250MB/s 250MB/s 250MB/s 130MB/s 130MB/s 130MB/s
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