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MAXTRAX MKII Safety Orange Vehicle Recovery Board

MAXTRAX MKII Safety Orange Vehicle Recovery Board

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  • The original, Australian-made recovery board with a lifetime warranty!
  • Manufactured from Australian-made fiber-reinforced engineering grade nylon
  • Six glove-friendly handles, with a built-in shovel on each end.
  • Mounts easily to most roof rack companies
  • Cleats sink their teeth into tire tread and terrain under your 4WD vehicle to prevent it from slipping back into mud, snow, or sand and make vehicle recovery quick and easy

Product Description

The Original Vehicle Recovery Board Since 2005

MAXTRAX MKII is the lightweight, vehicle recovery device that’s easy to carry and easy to use.

MAXTRAX MKII is the golden standard of high-quality recovery boards.

There is no other product that beats the MKII’s legendary durability, wide color range, innovative mounting options, six glove-friendly handles, and our 15-year track record of manufacturing world-class Australian-made innovative products. We have MKII sets which have seen constant use for almost a decade with no signs of slowing down.

The World's Most-Popular Recovery Board For 4x4, UTV, And RV Use

  • Engineering-grade nylon construction won’t break, crack or stress whiten after use—or we’ll replace it for free
  • UV stable material won’t fade or degrade in the sun, we’d know—we’re based in Sunny Queensland
  • Six built-in handles and a shovel on each end make MAXTRAX perfect for use in sand, snow, or mud
  • 46L x 13W x 3.5H, 8LB per board, 16LB per pair
  • Proprietary material resists wheel spin without risking tire damage for non-professional users
  • Six built-in handles and a shovel on each end make MAXTRAX perfect for use in sand, snow, or mud.
  • Made in Australia, from Australian materials

Pt. 1

1.) Grab MAXTRAX from one of the six glove-friendly built-in handles and use either shovel on both ends to clear debris from underneath the chassis and tires, clearing a path for the vehicle to move forward.

2.) Attach your included MAXTRAX Tell Tale Leashes to allow easier retrieval in messy conditions.

Pt. 2

3.) Once you've cleared away the debris, wedge either end of the MAXTRAX's dual ramps firmly against the tread face of your tire, as low as possible—ensuring the teeth are making good contact so you can take the easy way out with MAXTRAX.

With one pair of MAXTRAX, try to put them under the front tires where possible—your back tires will run them over for additional traction. Two pairs of MAXTRAX allow for even faster recoveries.

Pt. 3

4.) Shift into your lowest gear, and gently begin to accelerate while the MAXTRAX interlock with your tire tread. You'll begin to feel your vehicle being lifted UP and OUT of the mess you found yourself in. Where appropriate, continue driving to an area where you won't get stuck. Remember to always Tread Lightly.

Pt. 4

There's no need to break traction by spinning your wheels, you'll just risk damage to your MAXTRAX and your tires and you won't get out any faster. ​

5.) Grab your MAXTRAX by the Telltale Leashes and securely store them for transport.

How It Works

Wedge MAXTRAX firmly against your tire tread, shift into your lowest gear, and gently accelerate. Once your tire’s tread grips onto the MAXTRAX teeth, you will have the grip needed to self-recover. MAXTRAX work by adding traction and lifting your vehicle UP and OUT of the bog!


Made 100% in Australia from a high-tech engineering-grade, fiber-reinforced nylon, MAXTRAX are as tough as can be. Eighty-eight durable teeth are specially engineered to interlock with your tire to give you the traction they need to get you out of sticky situations. Did we mention there’s a built-in shovel at each end, and SIX comfortable handles?

Easy To Mount

MAXTRAX feature patented keyholes which work with our genuine Mounting Pins to provide you a lockable, secure mount. We even partnered with all of the top roof rack manufacturers like Eezi-Awn, Front Runner, and Rhino Rack to give you a bolt on mounting solution when using our Mounting Pins. Have a rear-mounted spare tire? Check out our Rear Wheel Harness!

The Original Recovery Board

MAXTRAX was designed by experienced-4WD enthusiast and local Queensland guide book author Brad McCarthy with strength and ease-of-use in mind. It’s the safe, simple, quick, easy, effective and inexpensive method of vehicle recovery. MAXimum TRAXion on any terrain.

The Original + The Best | Since 2005


The most trusted recovery device, used around the world since their invention in 2005. Manufactured in Australia from the highest quality, UV stabilized engineering grade reinforced Nylon.


Engineered With deep structural beams, the MAXTRAX can easily bear the weight of a fully-laden 4WD over soft terrain.

All Terrain

Whether your tires are wet, dry, or bogged in mud, sand, dust, wet grass or snow, MAXTRAX provide superior traction in boggy and soft ground, letting you "take the easy way out!"

Maximum Traxion

MAXTRAX's three rows of aggressive, tough teeth provide superior traction and large lugs on the bottom surface bite into the ground to provide sure footed grip. A huge 115cm x 33cm footprint provides excellent flotation.

Product Dimensions ‎46 x 13 x 4.5 inches ‎46 x 13 x 3.5 inches 35 x 13 x 3.5 inches 25 x 13 x 3.5 inches
User Replaceable Alloy Teeth
Available Colors 4 11 1 2
Built In Handles 6 6 4 2
Stacked Height 4.5" 3.5" 3.5" 3.5"
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